Rapala CountDown 7

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Specially weighted with a tungsten polymer rather than lead, the Rapala® CountDown® Elite gives you a subtler, more ecologically friendly version of its all-time killer slow-sinking lure. Beyond that important distinction, this is still the lure that defined the deadly concept of controlled-depth fishing, with its premium balsa wood body and full through-wire construction for incredible toughness and holding power. The Countdown Elite still sinks at a controlled rate, with a strike-triggering fluttering motion on the fall and unmatched slow-rolling action on the retrieve. Hot, high-def metallic designs; fitted with heavy-duty split rings and premium VMC® Inline Hybrid Treble 2X hooks.


  • Designed for controlled depth fishing
  • Balsa body with through-wire construction
  • Lead-free; weighted with tungsten polymer
  • Sinks at a controlled rate
  • Flutter on the drop, slow-roll on the retrieve
  • Hot new metallic designs
  • Fitted with heavy-duty hardware
  • VMC Inline Hybrid Treble 2X hooks