R2S Opening Bell 130

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Pushing the envelope of what’s possible with a buzzbait, the River2Sea Opening Bell Buzzbait loudly calls to fish and tell them there is a free meal available. Featuring a heavy-duty wire frame, the Opening Bell Buzzbait utilizes a large blade that sits directly in front of a hard plastic baitfish style body, which keeps the profile ultra compact and mimics a fleeing shad much more efficiently than a traditional buzzbait. The blade sits on top of a brass rivet to create a loud squeaking noise and also contacts a solid brass knocker on every rotation so fish can hear it from greater distances. Behind the ABS injected main body, the Opening Bell Buzzbait features a hand tied skirt that adds even more lively flowing action and hides the razor sharp jig hook. If fish are short striking the bait, it comes with an optional treble hook that can be attached to the belly, which provides phenomenal hook-ups on fish that swipe at the bait in open water. Available in a large selection of colors, the River2Sea Opening Bell Buzzbait is unlike any other buzzbait on the market and will get you more fish.


Opening Bell 130

  • Weight: 9/16 oz
  • Length: 5 in
  • Hook: River2Sea Big Bite (BN) 1X#6/0 & Treble 1X#4
  • Action: Slow Sinking

Opening Bell 170

  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Length: 7 in
  • Hook: River2Sea Big Bite (BN) 1X#8/0 & Treble 1X#2
  • Action: Slow Sinking