Northland Fire-Ball Jig

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Fish the jighead that's accounted for more walleye tournament wins than all others combined. To say that the Northland Fishing Tackle Fire-Ball® Jig has proven deadly on walleyes, saugers, perch and other game fish would be an understatement. This premium jighead revolutionized live bait presentations to finicky fish with its compact profile and short-shank wide-gap hook. Paired with a minnow, leech, or half-crawler, the Northland Fishing Tackle Fire-Ball Jig offers a completely natural-looking, easy-to-control presentation with exceptional hooking power. Equipped with a second "trailer hitch" line tie for attaching a stinger hook (not included) when fish are striking short.


  • Proven winner for walleyes and other predators
  • Designed for use with live bait
  • Compact profile appeals to finicky fish
  • Short-shank wide-gap hook
  • Provides a natural look with great hooking
  • "Trailer hitch" line tie for attaching a stinger hook