Nichols Flutter SpoonMag 8''

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The Nichols Lures Ben Parker Mini Magnum has premium components abound throughout the Nichols Flutter Spoon, constructed with a 3/0 Owner ST-36 treble hook (tied with Pearl Flashabou), Worth zinc split rings, and topped with a #2 size Owner Power Swivel.

Make no mistake; Ben Parker Spoons are heavy baits! Using a high-speed reel and an extra heavy action, lightweight fishing rod with these bass lures is critical. A heavy and stiff rod holding up to the tip is the right type to manipulate a Nichols Magnum Flutter Spoon. These bass spoons are the epitome of a reaction bait – a Ben Parker Flutter Spoon is a winner right out of the box and ready to fish!


  • Owner ST-36 treble hook tied with Pearl Flashabou
  • Zinc split rings
  • Size 2 Owner Power Swivel
  • Qty. per Pack: 1