Missile Baits Ned Bomb

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Finesse fishing behind finesse fishermen? You'll still get more bites with a Missile Baits® Ned Bomb. This is the wildly successful D Bomb gone Ned-style, toned down to deliver a subtle action like no other bait can. The Ned Bomb's thick, deeply-ribbed body produces a noticeable disturbance as it moves, causing the thin, beaver-type tail to react just enough to pique the interest of any nearby bass. The blunt head and built-in buoyancy provide just enough extra stimulation to get the bite, and that's when things explode.


  • The "Ned " version of the popular D Bomb
  • An ultra-finesse bait with subtle action
  • Thick, deeply-ribbed body
  • Thin, beaver-type tail
  • Built-in buoyancy