Lindy Rigger X-Treme

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The Lindy Rigger X-Treme is the ideal tool for keeping snells neat, tangle-free and convenient. Plus, it floats and includes a waterproof compartment inside to hold beads, hooks, sinkers or other necessary gear.

One of the most-effective walleye tactics, the Lindy Rig, also can be one of most frustrating if you don’t keep your snells and rigs organized. The Lindy Rigger X-Treme keeps rigs and snells of any length neat, tangle-free and convenient. Manufactured out of high-density foam, anglers simply wrap the snell around the Rigger and secure the hook. The Rigger X-Treme can then be tossed into a tackle box or boat compartment and you’ll never have to untangle a bird’s nest of snells again. The X-Treme also features six internal waterproof containers for beads, hooks and other fishing necessities.


  • Lindy Rigger X-Treme includes:
    • 1 - Lindy Rigger X-Treme snell keeper
    • 6 - Internal waterproof canisters
  • Canisters stow inside Rigger snell keeper body
  • Holds snells of any length
  • High Density foam holds hooks in place
  • Lindy Riggers float!