Leland Trout Magnet Crankbait

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This is your big fish lure! Although Trout Magnet® Trout Crank specifically targets trout, it strongly appeals to all baitfish-munching species. No surprise there; the Trout Crank's long, slender profile and lifelike finish are augmented by internal rattles that create fish-attracting sounds with every movement. With its even weighting pattern, this lure runs about 2-4' deep and has an extremely slow rise on the pause great for stop-and-go retrieves. Equipped with quality hooks and hardware. If you're looking to land a trophy, you'll want to keep a few Trout Cranks on hand, every time out.


  • Made for trout, but deadly on all species
  • Long, slender profile and lifelike finish
  • Equipped with internal rattles
  • Evenly weighted for great stop-and-go action
  • Quality hooks and hardware