KastKing Reel MG12 Elite Magnesium

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The technologically advanced MG12 baitcaster is meticulously crafted with a lightweight magnesium-alloy frame offering exceptional performance at only 4.8 ounces. The deep spool design holds more line than other reels in its class.

Mg12 Elite fishing reels have a revolutionary, patented-design "Auto-adjustment Magnetic Braking System" (AMB) that virtually eliminates backlashes. This is a big deal for casting reels. The AMB system automatically adjusts the brakes depending on the speed of the spool. With the KastKing AMB system you can cast farther and never worry about backlashes again. With the Mg12 Elite baitcaster, you can make it possible to cast further than other casting reels.

11+1 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

The 7.5:1 gear ratio is designed for fast retrieves, perfect for topwaters, jerkbaits, jigs, and other techniques that create slack in your line. The high gear-ratio comes in handy for solid hooksets on long casts, further reducing missed bites.

The compact Palm Perfect design (36.5mm height) and magnesium frame reduces the total reel weight to only 4.8 oz. Although the reel is tremendously light, it doesn’t skimp on power. The main gear and shaft are constructed of hard anodized aluminum and linked to a 100% brass pinion gear. A carbon 90mm solid carbon fiber handle and side plates also keep the weight low while maintaining strength.

KRLCSTM12-75RDG Right Handed Magnesium alloy 7.5:1 15.4 Auto-adjustment Magn

KRLCSTM12-75LDG Left Handed Magnesium alloy 7.5:1 15.4 Auto-adjustment Magnetic 4.8 Aluminum7075 26 11+1 8/110, 10/100, 12/65 20/160, 30/85, 40/65