KastKing Reel Kapstan Elite High Speed Saltwater Spinning Reel

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KastKing’s highest end 100% Waterproof fishing reel at IPX6 level, with up to 15 EverSeal rubber rings to keep water out of the main gear. The KastKing Intrusion Shield System includes labyrinth-style greased sealing grooves that reduce rotational resistance and provide an innovative water-tight seal.

Equipped with 6 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings that provide a superbly smooth feel even in rough conditions. Plus 3 special-designed polymer roller bearing that is high-strength and never rust, and one 8-pin stainless steel one-way bearing to prevent the flywheel from reversing.

Size 3000-4000 offer 6.2:1 faster retrieve, while size 5000-6000 offers 5.7:1 and size 8000 provides 4.9:1 gear ratio for the balance of speed and torque.

This premium saltwater spinning reel is designed with a powerful braking force for hard fighting fish. Sizes 3000/4000 have an ultra-smooth triple-disc carbon fiber drag system and 30lbs max drag; 5000/6000 have a quad-disc carbon fiber drag system with 40lbs max drag; 8000 have a special double drag system, that consist of five front carbon fiber discs and one oversized spool carbon disc, to provide 55lbs max drag. Perfect for saltwater, big game fish.

Best-in-class HRB 90 high strength aerospace alloy pinion gear with manganese brass gear guarantees extreme durability and smooth operation. These heavy-duty gears are 20% more durable than Aluminum and 95% more durable than zinc alloys. And the high-capacity CNC aluminum spool has a braid-ready structure, so there’s no need to add mono backing when spooling braided line.

Max-strength CNC aluminum frame construction. Sizes 3000/4000 have a carbon fiber rotor for strength with reduced weight. Sizes 5000/6000/8000 offer a CNC Aluminum Rotor for extra-strength in fishing.

The large power handle and knob are machined from solid aluminum to provide incredible cranking power. This spinning reel has the strongest overall design for offshore sport-fishing, deep-sea game fishing, and blue water fishing. Great for monster fish in freshwater also.

The seamless one-piece bail will never get rusted or caught on fishing line.

To reduce line twist, we always recommend manually closing the bail arm after making a cast when using any spinning reel. However, on the size 3000 & 4000 Kapstan Elite Spinning reels, you can turn the handle to close the bail if you prefer. The size 5000/6000 & 8000 Kapstan Elite spinning reels are a different design. These reels require you to manually close the bail to begin the retrieve.