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Whether used as a mainline or leader, KastKing® Kovert™ Xtreme Fluorocarbon Fishing Line offers the stealth, low stretch, quick sink, and high shock and abrasion resistance you need to execute your favorite presentations. Crafted of high-quality Japanese PDVF resin, this 100% fluorocarbon line has an extremely low light refractive index, making it virtually invisible under water. Its hard finish strongly resists nicks and scratches, Kovert Xtreme Fluorocarbon has double the abrasion resistance of standard fluoro lines, so it's ideal for use in heavy cover as well as clear water. And with its fast-sinking formulation, you can get even small finesse lures into the strike zone quickly. Smooth handling and easy to tie, Kovert Xtreme gives you the advantage when conditions are at their toughest.

Great for mainline or leader
Smooth handling, easy tying
100% Japanese resin fluorocarbon
Nearly invisible underwater
Twice as abrasion-resistant as other fluoro lines
High shock resistance
Fast sinking