Johnson Beetle Spin 1/32oz

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The Johnson Beetle Spin is a direct descendant of the spinner grub fished by Virgil Ward. This clever spinner brings the attractive flash of a spinnerbait and combines it with the classic grub body to create a new tool for anglers looking for a versatile spin lure. Perfect for anglers of all skill levels, the Johnson Beetle Spin Spinnerbait is simple to use and offers an easy way to make a lasting impression in the water.


  • Beetle spin is simple and easy to use for the novice or avid angler
  • The bright, matching safety-pin spinner is easy to remove when you want a plain jig for deep water presentations
  • Featured translucent polycarbonate jig head and steel shot adds weight for better jigging and louder
  • Also have harder rattle calls in fish from farther away
  • Available in white/red dot color with nickel blade; measures 1-inch length