Googan Squad Revolver

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When the Revolver calls, fish answer. This topwater terror brings em' in with a bang - plopping, disrupting & jittering with one thing on its mind: crushin' chunks. Wanna be a cowboy? Pack a Revolver. Armed with more noise than New Year's Eve, the Revolver puts fish on notice. When the mondos move in, the rotating fin at its center paints the hooks as the clear target. The body jitters as the fin rotates - adding visual action to the chaos.

Topwater plopping baits have been around for decades. We made major innovations to evolve this category for the new millennium. Flattening the tail and distributing the weight ensures the Revolver lands upright on every cast. This puppy won't roll over, no matter how it's retrieved.


  • REEL: Baitcasting Reel
  • ROD: Black Series Go-To Casting Rod
  • LINE: Googan Braided Line 50lb
  • OPTIONS: Googan Braided Line Scissors