Googan Squad Lil Juicee Jig

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Googan Squad's Lil' Juicee Jig has all the great features and fishability of its popular full-sized cousin but in a scaled-down package. Most anglers rely on standard-size jigs as confidence baits, a nod to their legendary effectiveness and versatility. But sometimes, stubborn, heavily pressured fish will react more readily to a smaller jig. The compact profile of the Lil' Juicee Jig won't spook skittish bass, whether you're pitching it into dense wood cover, bouncing it across a rocky bottom, or slipping it through thick vegetation. That's the power of a finesses jig, and there's no better available the Lil' Juicee Jig. It's coated with a tough finish in a range of time-tested color patterns, has color-matched, 100% silicone skirts, and comes equipped with a strong, dangerously sharp hook. When a jig is the right lure to throw but you need to show the fish a smaller target, reach for the Lil' Juicee Jig from the Googan Squad!


  • REEL: Baitcasting Reel
  • ROD: Gold Series Go-To Casting Rod
  • LINE: Googan Fluorocarbon Line 15lb
  • OPTIONS: Googan Smallie Spotters