Googan Squad Grass Hero

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When fish hang out in dense grass, the opportunity to ambush baitfish is one of the reasons they do it. You need a bait that can get into the strike zone and then present a convincing baitfish profile. Enter the swim jig. The Googan Squad Grass Hero is a swim jig that's designed to penetrate heavy vegetation on the fall and then glide through the slop with ease, attracting predators and triggering vicious attacks. This bait features a slender head that narrows to a point near the eye of the hook. That makes it move more easily through vegetation. Add a paddle tail trailer for a wobbling action and thumping vibration. This bait is equipped with a strong, super-sharp hook and comes in a variety of fish-attracting color patterns.


  • REEL: Baitcasting Reel
  • ROD: Gold Series Go-To Casting Rod
  • LINE: Googan Squad Braided Line 30lb
  • OPTIONS: Googan Squad Braided Scissors