Googan Bandito Bug

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Is your favorite soft bait the Bandito Bug? Do you wish that it would fit better on a smaller jig? This is perfect for you. At 3.3", the Junior Bandito Bug is perfect as a jig trailer or for the picky fish that just won't bite anything else. The same fish-catching design as the original 4" Bandito Bug, just scaled down to 3.3". With clamshell packaging, every bug comes out perfectly ready to fish. The patented flange makes sure every appendage has the perfect action to catch some true mondos.

  • Quantity of 3.3" style 9 baits


The Googan Baits Bandito Bug puts off an insane strike-enticing action the second it hits the water. Designed with a unique kicking action, the Bandito Bug gets its drawing power from the highly engineered flanges attached at the tips of each arm. This patented design will help call in fish and trigger strikes when other baits simply cannot. While in motion, the Googan Baits Bandio Bug looks like a swimming craw or minnow, and while at rest, the infused ''Slaunch Sauce'' scent will be enough to convince any on-looking bass to take a swipe.

  • Quantity of 4" style 7 baits


  • V-Ridge flange on the four legs and elongated claws
  • Fully ribbed body
  • Injected with salt, keep the fish locked on
  • 4" and 3.3" inches in length