Eagle Claw Wire Coil Rod Holder

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Eagle Claw Wire Coil Rod Holder. Fits rod butts up to 1-1/2" in. diameter. Heavy duty and great for larger catfish rods, but can be used for smaller rods also. Holds your rod so your hands are free to eat lunch, take a drink, help the kids, etc. Great to have when fishing with two poles. Great for shore fishing or can even be used on docks between the grooves or gaps.

Protip: For additional safe keeping, tie a rope to your rod & to railing or dock.


  • Large in size (great for big catfish rods)
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Part Number: ACRH-LG-
  • Type of Water: Freshwater, Saltwater
  • Fish Species: Bass, Walleye, Tarpon, Redfish, Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook, Cobia...anything!