DixieJet Pro Series Gizzard Spoon

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The Pro Series Gizzard Spoon is the perfect sized spoon for almost any scenario and fits in between the Original Flutter Spoon and the Gizzard Spoon.

Made from thicker marine grade brass, the Dixie Jet Pro Series Gizzard Spoon is built with Dixie Jet’s signature cupped teardrop shape, which creates an irresistible fluttering action that perfectly mimics a dying shad falling through the water column.

It is also weighted to fall one foot backwards per every one foot of depth so that anglers can reach farther back into shaded areas like boat docks and overhanging trees.

Fitted with top-quality components as well, the Dixie Jet Pro Series Gizzard Spoon is armed with a sticky sharp VMC treble hook to ensure a high hook up ratio and a super strong stainless steel split ring that won’t fail when battling large aggressive gamefish. The Pro Series Gizzard spoon casts easily into the wind and is great when using while surf fishing or windy day casting on a boat.

Whether you’re fishing open water, casting flats, pumping deep ledges, or vertically jigging docks, the Dixie Jet Pro Series Gizzard Spoon is great during all seasons of the year and is the perfect bait fish profile for any body of water.


  • 3 ¼” long
  • 1 1/4” wide
  • weighs in a 1/35 oz.
  • Pro Series Gizzard Spoons are available in 11 fish catching colors with the back of the spoons being Nickel.