Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Baby Shad Swimbait

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The Baby Bullshad is a collaboration with the legendary Mike Bucca, creator of the original Bullshad Swimbaits. The Bullshad is a heavy duty, trophy hunting swimbait responsible for catches on some of the biggest bass in the world. It is also, however, a specialty bait requiring certain gear and performing best specifically in certain regions. Mike Bucca and Catch Co teamed up to bring a version of this amazing bait to the masses.

The Baby Bullshad is a downsized version of this classic. It’s segmented body gives off all the same action, and the color patterns match the hatch just as well, and it will DEFINITELY catch you fish. It took years to bring this bait to market as Mike and Catch Co were not willing to sacrifice quality for this bait. The collaboration is a hit amongst the original Bullshad fans as well as anglers looking to get into swimbaits and using the Baby Bullshad as their first!


  • Rugged ABS plastic construction
  • 3.75" Size
  • Imitates small baitfish
  • Extremely lifelike swimming motion
  • 4-jointed pivoting body
  • Slow-sinking action