Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill Swimbait

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Fish a swimbait built to last! Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill Swimbait offers the lively action you'd expect from a high-quality swimbait, except this one's made from rugged ABS plastic instead of poured resin. Sized for all-around attraction in a variety of regions, the Baby Bull Shad produces an extremely lifelike swimming motion thanks to a 4-jointed pivoting body. It targets hungry appetites feasting on panfish, shad, and small bass. Use a steady retrieve to fish the bait 2 to 5 feet below the surface, where it swims with a wide S-shaped motion. Speed up your retrieve to tighten up the motion and send the bait rising to the surface like a distressed baitfish. Pair up this slow-sinking lure with a moderate-action crankbait rod and go trophy hunting.


  • Rugged ABS plastic construction
  • Sized for all-around attraction
  • Imitates small panfish, shad, and bass
  • Extremely lifelike swimming motion
  • 4-jointed pivoting body
  • Slow-sinking action