Castaic Giant Jerky J (7″)

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The Castaic Jerky J perfects lifelike swimming action with no added weights. Hand painted eyes and excruciating attention to detail adds to the realism. A staple in tackle boxes worldwide.

You must look at these baits to appreciate the hand-painted, hand-dotted eyes. A soft body with no added weight adds to the realism and perfects the lifelike swimming action.

A thick mid-section, thin tail, and dorsal fin give this soft swimbait a wild veering motion when twitched.

Pair it with the Jerky J Jigheads and ensure a perfect fit and hook-up every time. Use a light line with plenty of slack on the pause between twitches. You’ll get the most strikes in this brief pause.

A versatile bait, the Jerky J lets you experiment with other retrieve techniques in any body of water.

When it comes to realism and action, nothing touches a Jerky J.

A go-to favorite of the Bass Dr., Jason Lambert, Jerky J™s are the super soft jerk baits that dart, jump and glide like no other! The Giant Jerky J model won Jason’s 2016, 2017, and 2018 FLW win at Kentucky Lake, helping him best his own personal record year-over-year.


  • Available in a 3.5″ baby version, 5″ version, and Giant 7″ version
  • Comes in a pack of 10 (baby version), 8 (5″ version), or 3 (giant version)
  • Hand-dotted eyes and protruding dorsal fin
  • Versatile bait for many retrieve techniques
  • NEW: 10 new colors: Bluegill Flash, Boneless Chicken, California 420, Chartreuse Black and Green, Crystal Flash, Rainbow Flash, Salt and Pepper, Silver Green, and Tennessee Shadl