BOOYAH Micro Pond Magic Spinnerbaits

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The Micro Pond Magic™ Spinnerbaits are not just a smaller version of BOOYAH®'s Pond Magic Spinnerbaits, but rather they are unique fish-catching machines in their own right. Tough, durable and offering the same quality as the original Pond Magic Spinnerbaits, the 1/8 oz. Micro Pond Magic Spinnerbaits catch fish in big lakes as well as ponds and streams. Featuring a true-running ''R'' bend wire for incredible vibration, a single #1.5 Colorado blade for the perfect amount of flash and water displacement and a 40-strand Bio-FLX® silicone skirt for the breathing and pulsating action fish can't resist, the Micro Pond Magic is complete with realistic 3-D eyes and a high-quality 1/0 Mustad® round bend hook.


  • ''R'' bend wire for incredible vibration
  • 40-strand Bio-FLX silicone skirt
  • 1/0 Mustad round bend hook
  • Realistic 3-D eyes
  • Premium painted #1.5 Colorado blade