Booyah Hard Knocker 1/2

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Combining an ear bursting acoustic with exacting detail, the Booyah Hard Knocker gives anglers the ability to trigger ferocious reaction strikes throughout the water column. Internally, the Booyah Hard Knocker features a powerful multi-ball rattle that imitates the sound of scattering baitfish and alerts bass to its presence from the moment it enters the water.

Incredibly detailed throughout, the Booyah Hard Knocker is covered with a premium finish, super-realistic 3-D eyes, and a super-fine scaling pattern. Constructed using quality components throughout, the Booyah Hard Knocker comes equipped with top-notch split rings and two sticky-sharp trebles. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Booyah Hard Knocker delivers the look, sound, and action that forces big bass to bite.