Bomber Long 15A

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The Bomber Long A Lure features a trademark tight wiggle and rolling movements that mimic live bait. The slender jerkbait is highly versatile and can be fished many ways. You can troll for walleye or salmon, and use it behind a downrigger to target deeper-residing fish. Use a twitching technique for bass or cast, and retrieve with a slow pace for trout and other species. Molded out of high-strength polycarbonate, it can withstand many attacks. Its internal rattle helps pull fish out of their hiding places to investigate. The small lip of the Long A Lure gives it added strength and true-running performance. For an all-around effective hard bait, the Bomber Long A Lure is the best on the market today.

Floating, shallow runner
Excalibur Tx3 rotating treble hooks
Premium finishes
Effective for twitching, casting, trolling
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