Bomber Flat A

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A staple that has been inside many crankbait boxes for decades, the Bomber Gen 2 Flat A Crankbait is redesigned and even better than before. Made using an ultra durable ABS plastic, the Bomber Gen 2 Flat A Crankbait feature an internal weight transfer system, which provides bullet like casts even in the harshest wind and gives anglers much better performance than the original Flat A Crankbait. The flat sides also produce and enticing wiggle that is deadly when you need a tighter action in colder water conditions or when the fish are heavily pressured. It’s unique oval lip design allows anglers to effortlessly fish over chunk rock, logs, stumps, and other shallow water cover where big bass hide and wait to ambush prey as well. Armed with two super sharp treble hooks, the Bomber Gen 2 Flat A Crankbait is offered in a wide selection of pro-designed colors that will get bites on any body of water.