Bomber Deep Flat A

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A crankbait that has been helping anglers cash checks for more than 20 years, the Bomber Gen 2 Deep Flat A Crankbait simply gets bit and puts fish in the livewell. Redesigned and better than ever, the Bomber Gen 2 Deep Flat A Crankbait now features a weight transfer system to help anglers gain more casting distance and cover more water than previous models of the Bomber Flat A Crankbaits. The flat-sided design also produces a tight wiggling action similar to a balsa crankbait that is absolutely deadly in cold water conditions during the pre-spawn or when the fish are highly pressured from other anglers. The oval lip design allows it to crawl though rocks and structure where fish often stage to ambush prey as well. Perfect for targeting fish in the 4ft-8 ft depth range, the Bomber Gen 2 Deep Flat A Crankbait is available in pro-selected color patterns that make matching the forage base simple and easy.