Betts Balsa Slip Oval

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Betts Balsa Slip Float-Oval is a versatile and effective float for catching fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Made of high-quality balsa wood, this float is lightweight and extremely sensitive to even the slightest bites, ensuring that you don't miss any fish.

Its slim profile and sleek design make it easy to cast and use, and the attached line-through system allows for quick and easy rigging. Additionally, the oval shape of the float provides increased stability in rougher waters, making it ideal for use in windy conditions or when fishing in larger bodies of water.

Whether you're targeting bass, trout, or any other species, the Betts Balsa Slip Float-Oval is sure to help you catch more fish. So, add one to your tackle box today and start reeling them in!

Pro Tip: When rigging your slip float, be sure to use a bobber stop above your bead to prevent the float from sliding down your line. This will allow you to adjust the depth of your bait easily and accurately.