Berkley Powerbait Saltwater Bonga Shrimp

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The Berkley® PowerBait® Bonga Shrimp features a lifelike shrimp profile and fantail that inshore fish can't resist. Infused with Saltwater PowerBait scent formula, this saltwater lure entices predators even in cloudy water. The Bonga Shrimp falls steadily through the water column, and it mimics a shrimp's natural movement when worked slowly on the retrieve. Rig the Berkley PowerBait Bonga Shrimp on a jighead or weighted EWG.


  • Infused with our proven Saltwater PowerBait formula
  • Lifelike shrimp shape and fantail
  • Realistic action on the retrieve
  • Slow fall through the water column
  • Rigs well on a jighead or EWG hook